Goo.n S 4-8 kg 90pc

Japanese diapers Goo.n (Goon) S - (4-8 kg)
goon s 90pc-600x600
goon s 90pc-600x600
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Japanese diapers Goo.n (Goon) S - (4-8 kg)

Japanese diapers Goo.N S are designed for babies from 4 to 8 kg. They are produced only from natural high-quality and environment-friendly materials that passed the high quality control requirements. The diapers have 100% cotton, cellulose and absorbent that makes the liquid into gel, keeping it inside and protecting the skin from irritation.

The diapers look like usual baby panties. The soft inner layer contains natural E vitamin that avoids the baby skin irritation and allergy reactions on the skin. The diaper is ventilated from the inside, the excretions are absorbed immediately and soft diaper holders do not irritate the skin and protect from leaks.  

The diapers Goo.N S are light, soft, tender, breathing and have triple leak protection. They also have the filling indicator.

Once used the Goo.N S diapers, your baby will love them forever and you will keep yourself calm. 


Baby weight: 4 - 8 kg

Package type: Big pack

Quantity per pack: 90 items

Manufacturer: Daio Paper Corporation, Japan.