Have you already ordered the Japanese diapers?


If NOT, we will crawl to you!!!

From now on, the new diapers brand from Japan is offered for Latvian market!!!

Everybody knows that Japan is world leader proud that its products are made to perfection.

Company Brillante offers three Japan brand diapers and diaper panties:

Moony (Unicharm), Merries (Kao Corp.), Goo.n (Daio Paper)

The Japanese producers use soft cotton and natural hypoallergencal breathing materials. The soft diapers are really breathing, they don’t irritate the skin, and the producers’ diapers are very thin.

We deliver the diapers that are made to inner Japanese market.

Merries, Moony, Goon( Goo.n ) diapers can be delivered throughout Europe.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions!


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